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Welcome to Mobile Audio and Video Productions where we provide not only a state of the art recording studio but multi-camera HD streaming from your location or ours. We can also tailor fit your video project with our highly trained staff and industry standard equipment and editing software.

We bring quality Audio and Video production right to your doorstep, your back yard, your stage, or virtually anywhere. Location Audio and Multi-Camera HD Streaming Broadcast Video that is production tailored to suit your needs.
We have State of the Art analog and digital equipment as well as the industry standards in audio/video production software.


Mobile Audio and Video Productions is a unique service. The studio, the gear, the engineer, the camera operators, streaming broadcast platform and the producer all come to you! Instead of booking time in a traditional studio, Mobile Audio and Video Productions bring everything needed to setup a “production studio” at your location, including our own professional producer, techs, and engineers.
We come to your location with our industry standard audio & video production equipment, we setup shop, record and video exactly what you need and then either stream it live to your website, Facebook page, YouTube channel or we can edit it to meet your need. One of our services is producing VBC or video business cards where we tell your story, your passion and you commitment to satisfying your customers if you are a business or your legacy for your generations to come. Our videographer will set up lights camera and yell action as the magic happens. Maybe you are a singer/songwriter or a band, orchestra, or a group of musicians seeking a recording studio but may feel more comfortable on a stage! We will bring out state of the art audio equipment and archive your performance(s) as well as mix, master and even complete the graphics for you release as a CD/DVD/digital download or to upload to your social media site of choice


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